Welcome to the Chicago Area Association of Neonatal Nurses web site. We are the local chapter of the National Association of Neontal Nurses and have proudly served neonatal nurses throughout the Chicagoland area since 1990.  Our membership is comprised of over 100 members representing area hospitals.

CAANN is committed to its goals of facilitating an exchange of information among the Chicagoland community, providing a forum for continuing education, and to establishing a communication network among nurses working in the neonatal field.

We also promote volunteer efforts to benefit our community.  Our achievements are accomplished through the dedicated volunteer work of our members.

If you would like to join our Board, please see one of our Officers or Board members.

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A Reminder to All CAANN Members

NANN AND CAANN MEMBERSHIPS: All members of CAANN, MUST be members of NANN. Please visit their website,, and join NANN and to join CAANN. ALL CAANN memberships (new and renewals) must now be made through NANN.

NANN notified us of changes to their local chapter memberships. The following changes took place effective June 1, 2017:

Joining a NANN chapter is easier! When a nurse joins NANN online, they will now experience a more user-friendly process for becoming a member. Included in this process is the opportunity to join any chapter, not just the one determined closest by zip code. What used to be a separate process, is now an integrated part of the membership join process and members can join a chapter before completing their membership order.

Chapter dues no longer prorated. Current members can also join a chapter at any time, however, if not completed at the same time as joining or renewing their NANN membership, dues will no longer be prorated and will run on a separate 12-month renewal schedule. Additionally, chapter membership will be separate from NANN membership unless they call NANN Member Services to combine them. This means a current member who joins a chapter will need to renew their chapter membership separately. The vast majority of members join their chapter when they join NANN so we don't anticipate this being a huge issue, but in order to shorten any learning curve with the new process, please remind your members to renew their chapter membership at the same time as they renew their NANN membership. 

HOW TO NAVIGATE THE CAANN WEBSITE: Please remember to keep your membership profiles updated, especially your preferred email address, as well as your home address, so that you don't miss any important information from CAANN. We highly recommend a personal email address so that our mail to you doesn't get lost in a work spam folder. In an effort to be "green," meeting confirmations and reminders are sent via email. Also to ensure that your CAANN emails don't end up in your spam folder, please add to your contact list. 

As a reminder, your login name is your email address. If you are trying to register for an event, you must login first. If you can't remember your password, please request a new one. From your profile page, you can update your profile, change your password, or register for an event. If you were a member in the past, but you can't remember what email address you provided us, please email for assistance before creating a new account so that our records aren't duplicated.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO VOLUNTEER?: All CAANN members are invited to be a member of our Board. If interested, please contact Pat Hummel or any of Board members.


CAANN - Chicago Area Association of Neonatal Nurses

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